Baby Sleep Certification in Canada and U.S.

Build a career empowering families to find healthy sleep.

Take control of your schedule, create your own definition of balance and help families create healthy sleep in their homes. Your new career is a click away.

What is the BBS Certified Consultant program?

We teach and train individuals to become Certified Sleep Consultants with the most up to date, evidence-based and emotionally supportive strategies.

Our three pillar approach covers the science of sleepinfant development, and key business building strategies. 

The content is delivered by Canada's Sleep Expert, Amanda Jewson. Featured on national television to discuss the science of sleep regularly, Amanda is Canada's go-to expert in sleep from infancy to adulthood. Throughout the certification you'll enjoy the input from subject matter experts on specific elements of the sleep training process to further enhance your knowledge, skills and confidence.

The Science of Sleep


Science of Sleep

Understanding the theories of sleep, our relationship with sleep and the scientific study of sleep patterns, stages and styles.

Infant Development

Pillar TWO

Infant Development

Building a deep understanding of infant development through study of the psychological and physiological stages of babies.

Pillar Three

Building Your Business

Creating a business plan and guiding you through the process of establishing your business in the marketplace. 

It teaches you everything you need to know from the science of sleep, how to make a sleep plan, how to deal with different types of clients, how to deal with different types of problems, and how to market yourself. It teaches you everything. So if you’re on the fence, if you’ve been thinking about doing this program, just do it, I promise you will not regret it.

- Phoebe

BBS Certified Sleep Consulting will help you...


Build a career that you love, helping families find healthy sleep for their homes.


Earn expertise and confidence through science-based study and coursework.


Find balance in your life, defining your own work schedule and time commitment.


Learn the principles of sleep training based on our signature R Factor.


Practice business building strategies and techniques used by our successful grads.


Join a community of sleep consultants backed by the reputable Baby's Best Sleep brand.

How does certification work?

Training is adaptable and comprehensive, perfectly suited to your individual pace. You start and complete when you want, within one calendar year.

  • The core 6 pillars of BBS Certification, plus a fourth pillar for Registered Social Workers
  • Self paced learning with easy to navigate course structure including the working templates you will use to facilitate your learning
  • Monthly rolling enrolment empowering you to start this program when you're ready
  • A practical learning element where you will work with three clients to practice your new skillset
  • The ability to complete the program and begin your business in as little as three months


  • Training in or signature R Factor approach
  • A full year of access to our education portal included in your certification fee

Once you've become Certified with Baby's Best Sleep, you're in for life. We believe in what we do and how we train, your new business gets featured on this website and we share overflow from our primary consulting practice with our graduates.

Is BBS Certification right for me?

Transitioning to a career as a sleep consultant can be a life-changing decision. This career offers a chance to make a real difference in the lives of families struggling with sleep issues. As a sleep consultant, you have the opportunity to craft a career that aligns with your life goals and provides the flexibility to balance personal and professional responsibilities.

Becoming a BBS Certified Sleep Consultant offers not just personal satisfaction but also the potential to significantly impact others' lives positively.

Who teaches BBS Certified Sleep Consulting?

Baby's Best Sleep was founded by Amanda Jewson, Canada's go-to sleep expert. Having trained in the United States and consulted in Canada for many years, Amanda identified a significant lack of quality and consistency in sleep training programs. The industry is unregulated and desperately needed leadership in ensuring that practices are evidence-based, respectful, supportive and effective. 

Amanda is a Registered Social Worker, a former educator and a mother of two. Her experience in this field is valued by top Canadian media outlets; she is regularly featured on news and morning show programs across the country. 

Amanda is also the voice of The Slumber Party Podcast, the most notable and popular infant sleep podcast. When you train with Baby's Best Sleep, you are working with the best in the industry.

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When does BBS Certification start?

Our next enrolment starts on 1st, 2024. Let's get your new career started together.